Added Protection Keeps Equipment Safe

Stainless steel provides corrosion and chemical resistance. Unlike painted steel or non-metallic, scratches and impacts do not impact corrosion resistance of the enclosure. UV rays do not affect in outdoor weathering conditions and it's heavy duty properties offer higher vandal resistance versus non-metallic.

Solutions in Stock for Most Applications.

Hammond offers an extensive selection of stainless steel alternatives as standard products - dozens of series, hundreds of unique sizes. Our wide variety allows most applications to be satisfied quickly and effectively. And we are committed to supporting our offering with high levels of inventory on hand.

Stainless Steel Modification Services

Stainless steel is a strong, rigid material which is great for protection, but makes field modification more difficult.

Hammond can provide factory modifications that maintain relevant approvals and save valuable installation time and money in the field.

  • Holes and cutouts can be pre-cut.
  • Sizes can be modified (subject to approvals)
  • Additional internal mounting studs and stand-offs can be added.

Need assistance on your next stainless steel project?

Hammond Sales Representatives can provide their experience and expertise in specifying the right enclosure for your application. Complete the form below and we'll get back to you right away.

Stainless Steel Solutions from Hammond

For applications like oil & gas, water treatment, wastewater, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, mining, marine or roadside – Hammond will have a stainless steel enclosure that will get the job done.

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Stainless Steel Product Overview

Junction Boxes

  • Sizes up to 16” H x 14” W
  • Lift-off covers or hinged lids with clamps or quarter turn
  • 4 x welded feet or full width welded flange mounting option

View Junction Boxes

Wall Mount Enclosures

  • Sizes up to 72” H x 72” W
  • Complete with welded floor stand kits
  • Hinged doors with clamps, quarter turns or 3 part handles

View Wall Mount Enclosures

Freestanding Enclosures

  • Sizes up to 90” H x 72” W
  • Hinged doors with clamps, quarter turns or 3 part handles
  • Single and Double door alternatives
  • Special configurations – dual access and sloped top models

View Freestanding Enclosures

Hygienic Enclosures

  • Sizes up to 16” H x 13” W
  • IP69K and NSF approvals
  • Screw cover with hygienic blue silicone gasket
  • Solid cover or pre-punched for push-buttons
  • Sloped sides for liquid run-off

View Hygienic Enclosures

Disconnect Enclosures

  • Wallmount and freestanding models
  • Hinged doors with clamps 3 part handles
  • Cutout provided on enclosure front flange for operator handle
  • Multi-door units include interconnected door linkage

View Disconnect Enclosures

Operator Interface

  • Push-button enclosures with versions 1 to 16 holes
  • 22.5mm and 30.5mm push-button hole sizes
  • Lift-off screw cover lids

View Operator Interface Enclosures

Wireway & Trough

  • Pull Through Wireway up to 120” lengths
  • Profiles of 4x4”, 6x6” and 8x8”
  • Numerous joiner fittings for numerous applications

View Wireway & Trough

Floor-Mount Enclosures

  • Sizes up to 72" H x 72" W
  • Hinged double doors with clamps, quarter turns or 3 part handles
  • Welded floor stand kits

View Floor-mount Enclosures