Does improved quality and lower cost sound interesting?

Having enclosures modified by Hammond and delivered to your site allows your component installation and wiring team to immediately get to work.

  • No time wasted laying out each hole

  • No risk of making a costly mistake

  • Perfectly shaped cutouts every time

  • and all at a price that might surprise you!

What types of modifications can you make to an electrical enclosure?

Why do we use the word “modification” and not “customization”?

Standard Enclosures –we have thousands of stock sizes and designs in our warehouse ready to ship today

Modified Enclosures –starting with one of Hammond’s standard designs, you can make a long list of additions and changes to suit your specific need

Customized Enclosures–when a box is totally unique from any base standard Hammond product – Hammond does NOT offer these

At Hammond, we categorize enclosures into 3 buckets:

So… are you interested in saving time and money on your next enclosure project?

Modified enclosures may be the solution for you! Fill out the form below and one of our enclosure experts will contact you shortly to answer any questions or discuss your next project.

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