HY Series - Hygienic Enclosures

Increased Cleanliness and Time Savings

High Pressure Washing

Hammond Manufacturing hygienic enclosures feature IP69/IP69K protection with stainless steel corrosion resistance that allows for effective high pressure washing, again and again.

No Safe Harbor for Bacteria

The extra smooth #4 Dairy-Finish sloped surfaces drain away water quickly and effectively. The removable gaskets are easy to clean and replace while being easier to spot contaminants.

Crevice-free hex head bolts with silicone washer & silicone gasket beyond door edges.

Silicone gasket can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

Closed end, threaded nut.
Panel mounting provision

Hygienic Enclosures

HYJ Junction Box Series

• 5 Sizes, up to 16 x 13 x 8 inches

HYPB Push-button Enclosure Series

• Offered with both 22.5 and 30.5 mm holes
• # Holes -1, 2, 3, 4 Vertical, 4 (2 x 2), 6 (2 x 3)
• Require hygienic pushbuttons

Inner Panels (for HYJ)

HYG Replacement Gaskets

Stand-Off Kits

Cleaning Issues with Standard Designs

Standard hygienic enclosures have design elements that are problematic. Hammond Manufacturing has corrected these issues by reducing crevices and unecessary surfaces to eliminate safe spaces for bacteria to grow.

Piano Hinge Knuckles and Welded Flanges

 Clamp Brackets & Screws
Mounting Foot Joints.

Philips Head Grooves.

Quarter Turn Slot and Edges
Between Body and Lid


Modifications that maintain approvals are possible within the size range envelope.
• Holes and cutouts can be pre-cut.
• Additional internal mounting studs and stand-offs can be added.

Of course, to maintain hygienic standards, any openings put into an enclosure should be filled with hygienic suitable components.

Download the Hygienic Enclosures Product information

Download, print, share our Hygienic Enclosures product information. Let us know if you want one of our sales reps to give you a shout.


Hygienic enclosures provide food and beverage facilities increased food safety alternatives.

The HYJ and HYPB Series from Hammond are supported by our Service Excellence platform –inventory support and on-time deliveries.

Enclosure Optional Inner Panel Replacement
Part No. H W D Part No. H W Gasket
HYJ854SS 7.94 4.88 4.00 14R0503 4.88 2.88 HYG85
HYJ1074SS 9.94 6.88 4.00 14R0705 6.75 4.88 HYG107
HYJ1294SS 11.94 8.88 4.00 14R0907 8.75 6.88 HYG129
HYJ14116SS 14.15 11.09 6.00 14R1109 10.75 8.88 HYG1411
HYJ16138SS 16.36 13.30 8.00 14R1311 12.75 10.88 HYG1613
22mm Hole 30mm Hole Enclosure Replacement
# Holes H W D Gasket
HYMPB1SS HYPB1SS 1 7.94 4.88 4.00 HYG85
HYMPB2SS HYPB2SS 2 7.94 4.88 4.00 HYG85
HYMPB3SS HYPB3SS 3 9.94 4.88 4.00 HYG105
HYMPB4VSS HYPB4VSS 4 11.94 4.88 4.00 HYG125
HYMPB4SS HYPB4SS 4 9.94 6.88 4.00 HYG107
HYMPB6SS HYPB6SS 6 11.94 8.88 4.00 HYG129
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